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What’s the Difference Between Jumbo Guinea Fowl and French Guinea Fowl?

That’s a common question and a good one, so well done on some critical thinking. There’s not enough of that in this crazy world anymore. But back to your question… The short answer is there is no difference between French and Jumbo guinea fowl. There are different bloodlines since a hatchery may breed and maintain […]

How to Treat Pasty Butt on Guinea Fowl

What is pasty butt? Now that you’ve decided to order guinea fowl, you’re horrified to find they developed Pasty Butt! How do I treat pasty butt? What is pasty butt? Pasty butt is what happens when the vent of the keet is pasted shut with dried poop which makes it unable to properly perform #2’s […]

Three Good Reasons to Buy French (or Jumbo) Guinea Fowl

Some people actually think guinea fowl are cute but I don’t know I would go that far. Maybe they are so ugly they are cute – kind of like bulldogs. They are so comically disproportioned that they are kind of cute. I think they’re comically ugly. But you’re a hardworking farmer who needs animals that […]

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